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Wemade reveals customized games for the Japanese market at the ‘2012 Tokyo Game Show’


Ø  Line-up of 6 mobile games, all customized for the Japanese market

Ø  To unveil a new MMORPG game

Ø  Korea’s national representative in mobile games to target Japan straight after going into the US market

Wemade Entertainment Co., Ltd (CEO: Hoon Namgoong and Nam-Chul Kim) revealed its ‘2012 Tokyo Game Show’ line-up.


Wemade is to make its debut to the Japan market at the ‘2012 Tokyo Game Show’. The company plans to show 6 mobile games which were catered to fit the Japanese users, and will compete with many global game developers.


This year, the Japanese mobile content market grew by 250% year-on-year to last year, totaling to a market size of KRW 9 trillion. Along with the United States, Japan is the world largest games market. At the ‘2012 Tokyo Game Show’, the large booths of Japanese mobile game companies gained more interest than the traditional console companies.


Wemade tailored its games to fit the preferences of Japanese users through local market analysis with the Japanese subsidiary Wemade Online (CEO: Choi, Jong-Koo), and plans to target the Japanese market from the second half of 2012.


In particular, the six games shown at the ‘2012 Tokyo Game Show’ will be demonstrated in Japanese. Wemade plans to communicate its high quality in mobile gaming and gain brand awareness in the Japanese market.


SNG <Viking Island> which gained phenomenal popularity in Korea, new SNG games <Hero Square>, <Pet Island>, <Every Farm 2> and <Cafestoria>, and one new SNG game unknown in the Korean market was presented at the game show. The SNG games could even be applied to female Japanese users who preferred cute and funny characters and avatars.


The new SNG game is a MMORPG mobile game especially tailored to the Japanese market that is to be unveiled at the ‘2012 Tokyo Game Show’.


<Hero Square> is a hit product that Wemade developed for over 3 years and was first presented at ‘2011 G-Star’, Korea’s game expo. It has drawn a lot of attention as it showed a new SNG paradigm combining the SNG genre with RPG.


The graphics in <Pet Island> are detailed and trendy and is expected to appeal to the Japanese market with its cuteness and charm.


 <Every Farm 2>, which is the follow-up of the famous SNG <Every Farm> and <Every Town>, and <Cafestoria Mobile>, which simulates managing a cafe, both finalized its preparations for the Japanese market and was presented at the ‘2012 Tokyo Game Show’.


Wemade CEO Namgoon, Hun said, “All mobile games developed by Wemade were made with global distribution in mind. In regards to the Japanese market, we have been working on localizing the games by closely working with the Japanese subsidiary. The quality of the SNG games will be equivalent to that of PC games, and hope it will stir a refreshing impact to the Japanese market”.


‘2012 Tokyo Game Show’ will be held for 4 days from September 20th to 23rd, at Makuhari-messe in Chiba prefecture.


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