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WeMade Presents Game Line-up at G-Star 2012 in Super-Sized Exhibits


With its unprecedented mega-scale MMORPG, “ICARUS”, WeMade aims to top the charts in 2013.

Strong and confident line-up with 17 games to conquer the online, mobile, and platform market.

Largest single-game exhibit and largest mobile game pavilion.


WeMade Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Co-CEOs: Namchul Kim, Hoon Namgoong) has announced its campaign to storm the game market through ‘G-STAR’ 2012’.


Riding under its “WEMADE INVASION” banner, the company is running two large booths at the G-Star exhibition with the clear goal of announcing its arsenal of games that it plans to top the charts with in 2013.


In an industry first, WeMade has prepared the biggest ever single-game exhibit for its monstrously large MMORPG, ICARUS. The 40-booth ICARUS pavilion features stage shows and a variety of attractions for exhibit visitors.


ICARUS is set in the European Middle Ages and immerses gamers in the full panoply of battle. Unique to ICARUS, players can ride a flying mount and see their battles from a birds-eye-view through the game’s “Large-scale Aerial Battle System”.


The company’s second booth is doubly gargantuan in scale with an area of 80-booths. The line-up of 16 mobile games includes a broad array of titles for all manner of gaming tastes, as well as 7 all new games.


Some of the titles being exhibited include: Dragon Mist, a mobile MMORPG first introduced at E3 Ark Sphere, a mobile MMORPG first introduced at the Tokyo Game Show and the original Goblin Mobile and Touch Fighter games, which first debuted at the Mobile Game Showcase last spring have since received a warm reception from gamers.


The 7 new games cater to many gaming styles and include: Romantic Restaurant, a family and couple-oriented simulation game Every Farm 2 and Pet Island, social network games (SNG) Hero Square, an SNG that adds in a role playing element and Silkroad War, a strategy simulator set in the time of the crusaders.


The WeMade mobile game pavilion also features their famous Candy Pang puzzle game, complete with stage shows to entertain spectators, and game competitions for eager players.


Co-CEO Hoon Namkoong said, “Our goal for G-STAR 2012 is to show all that WeMade is on top in both the online and mobile games sectors. Taking a further step, we’re aiming to accelerate from developing games to leading the trends and culture in the entertainment industry, and introduce the world to the ‘Korean-Wave’.”


WeMade is a major sponsor of G-Star 2012.

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